Friday, October 21, 2011

Chowhound's Best ice cream 2011

thread started by Robert Lauriston

We got a bunch of mentions, and always came as the top pick. Thanks everybody for the great reviews!

Here's some quotes:

"...I can't get over how delicious Lush Gelato is. I am always happy at Ici, and for non-dairy Scream Sorbet is truly amazing. But nothing compares to Lush..."
by Milklady

"...They come up with interesting flavor combos, too, as does Lush, which I agree w/milklady is terrific..."
by Caitlin McGrath

"I agree with milklady - Lush is still the best. Though of course gelato is a slightly different beast..."
by abstractpoet

"...I've also enjoyed Tara's Organic Ice Cream (Berkeley and Oakland). Not as good as Lush, but still really good, and has some more unusual and tropical flavors."
by JasmineG

"I especially like Lush because it's brave and thoughtful and the flavors and product are so fresh. Their bold experiments with vegetables and herbs like cucumber and cilantro have really made me rethink how and when I'll ice-cream (in a good way!)."
by bgbc

"My votes are for:
1) Lush Gelato, especially when it has the basil flavor in season
2) Ici
3) Humphrey Slocombe
4) Bi-Rite
5) Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous"
by singleguychef

"last nite being a balmy fall evening in the East Bay, we ventured over to Lush Gelato on Piedmont, and were not disappointed.
Gotta say, I had the best mint chocolate chip ever -- the mint flavor was so fresh, it was like having just-picked mint."
by escargot3

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